Reviews of Charles Floate Presents: Building An Affiliate SEO Business

​Here's some reviews that I can't simply copy and paste, due to them being on other people's websites and incorporating things like videos -

These are reviews that have been shared (without my asking) in various places across the internet, specifically my Facebook group is the main source - I'll update this page as reviews come in. This page is purely dedicated to long, detailed reviews on the course. It's not supposed to be for short, blunt reviews on the course, like the sales page ones.

Trevor Dumbleton Fulltime Affiliate

The main course is primarily video based and although it’s not billed as no fluff, that’s certainly the case and you’ll probably need to hit the pause button on more than one occasion as you go through the course.

There’s a good chance you’ll need to watch at least some of the videos more than once – I’ve done that, even though I’ve taken notes on them.

The aim of the course is to teach how to create affiliate sites and earn a very nice sum of money from them. One of the case studies shows an Amazon affiliate site that’s been earning upwards of $2,000/month since early 2015.

Charles typically uses Amazon as does Todd (another contributor to the course – there are 4 contributors in total) although personally I’m planning on using the techniques to promote the various internet marketing and self help markets I’m in.

There are several different techniques he’s teaching for building sites – that fits with my “no one size fits all” outlook and is refreshing.

There are also some ongoing case studies so you can see the kind of sites he’s building unfold in real life. That’s useful as you can check whether what you’re doing is reasonably right.

There’s also a video covering “churn and burn” sites – using heavily black hat methods to create short lived but profitable sites. Not my personal cup of tea (been there, done that, liked the income while it happened, didn’t like the lack of income when it inevitably stopped) but it’s in the course for people who need a quick boost to their income in order to be able to properly do the other techniques in the course.

Charles lists out the various WordPress themes and plugins and other tools that he uses plus the suppliers he uses when he outsources things.

Link building is split into three main strategies:

* Pure white hat – as close as any link building strategy gets to keeping inside Google’s ideals but the techniques are likely to take upwards of a year to kick in. Which is very real life.
* Grey hat – some sneaky tactics to get traffic soon-ish (probably still 3 months down the line) and then morphing into the whiter hat strategies that will keep the site in the search results for the longer term
* Churn-and-burn. Basically reasonably fast cash that is closer to a sugar rush than a sustained income.

Then there’s a section covering maintaining and growing the site. This is detailed and fluff-free. Chances are you’ll be using an outsourced VA (virtual assistant) at this stage but your income should be sufficient by then to allow that.

The main aim of the course is to “flip” the site but it’s not like the cheap WSOs you’ve read where a site is sold on a future promise. This course aims to teach you how to build up sites with excellent income and sell them for five figures and upwards.

The price of the course is a lot more than regular WSO offerings.

But that’s because it really is start-to-finish. Plus it’s ongoing – the case studies are still being added and updated, the course material will be updated as it (inevitably) gets out of date.

There’s also an active Facebook support group where you can ask questions.

Jennifer Thompson Fulltime Affiliate & Part-Time Teacher

Just got through Charles Floate's new affiliate course and I wanted to share my thoughts. I’m an exclusively affiliate SEO and have been looking forward to his course since he told me he was creating it, and let’s just say it does not disappoint. One of the things I have always appreciated about Charles is how upfront and to the point he is. Rather than wasting time talking about “the dream” and a whole lot of “inspirational” bullshit that other SEOs use as “filler content” for an otherwise empty or rehashed course, Charles skips all the riff raff and dives into actual material with direct and to-the-point strategies about how to build your affiliate business and start making money.

And he doesn’t skip a beat. He covers anything that a relatively new to SEO beginner might need to know but there are also plenty of gems for the more advanced SEO looking to expand, scale or perfect their affiliate strategy.

From keyword research to a live example build of an affiliate site, the course takes you through step by step. Charles also includes a list of tools and resources and lets you know which are paid, which are free and even gives you a whack load of themes for your sites to choose from that are of no cost to you. He doesn’t try to upsell you with other software that you “need to have” and tells you only to invest in what will give you a ROI.

Charles also is smart enough to know when other people might have more experience or knowledge about a certain area in the field and uses their expertise in a few videos such as the example affiliate amazon website which I am excited about modelling in a new project.

The course also contains a mixture of written and video content which breaks it up and makes it easier to get through and easier for note-taking. Combined with a great list of tools and resources for every aspect of the business you’ll need, the course truly is all-comprehensive and I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn the latest strategies for ranking in 2016. And even more importantly, how to keep those rankings once you attain them with Charles’ black to white hat strategy. Bravo, Chuck!

Josh Hofmann Fulltime Affiliate

People ask me what it is I do exactly. I guess to sum it up it's called "passive income". To most, including myself, it's a bit of a myth since there's a LOT of work that goes into creating a "passive income" business. Although there is all the work upfront, that work eventually will pay off big time if you get up off your ass and get shit done!

After I get asked what I do, I usually get asked, "Well can you teach me?" To be honest, I'm not at the point in my passive income journey to even consider teaching. I make decent money but nothing to brag about. However, Charles just launched a course on EXACTLY what to do to build a site that generates upwards of $30,000 a month that can then be sold for 6 figures. In the course, he uses his own sites, his own case studies, and pretty much lays out all you need to know about how to create a "passive income" or affiliate website. If I were a betting man, you could do the same steps in this course to help improve your ecommerce or service sites as well.

So if you want to learn how to create passive income online so you can one day be free, I suggest you purchase this badboy. I'm only on module 2 of the course and so far the information is incredible. Do yourself a favor and purchase it, you'll be very glad you did.

Soham Banker Fulltime SEO

I am pretty nervous right now actually writing this review but I couldn't resist after completing the 'Charles Floate Affiliate SEO' course this week. To start with, I will say BUY IT NOW if you are one of those super determined and ready to work hard in the field of SEO and build their own money-making affiliate websites but not sure in WHICH direction to work.

I am immensely happy today since I finished watching all the course videos and I am pumped up to start with at least 2 websites from the mid-year. The course is carved to perfection and is worth every penny you pay keeping in mind all the strategies, methods and resources that Charles has shared.

I'm sure the advanced SEOs would love this too as it has some great methods and unknown tweaks for building out an authority affiliate website, whereas for the beginners it has to be the most concise and focused course if they are ready to put in the hard work and earn like hell.

I will now list down some amazing materials provided in this beast.

- A perfect checklist of what exactly you will be needing in order to build, maintain and rank your website. He has also listed around 45 of his SEO tools, themes and plugins he uses to build his websites.

- Probably my favourite module in this course is the 2nd one as I always used to get stuck (yes, I have some failed sites) in designing the site and choose a good niche. Each and every minute thing has been covered in detail here so that you will be able to build an affiliate site exactly like Charles or Todd builds one haha.

- Links being the vital part of an affiliate have been discussed in great detail so you can exactly know which of the 3 methods to use when and why, which strategy would be beneficial for short term and which one would power up your site for the long term rankings.

-He also covers how to hire a highly efficient as well as a cheap VA who can help you out in maintaining your website once you have built it as that's what makes it grow at a later stage.

- Finally, it has been explained how to flip/sell the website and all are the main factors are highlighted to be showcased while selling the website in order to make 5-figures from it.

I thought it's all done and over but then I discovered a golden 'Resources' section (FREE) which included a WP strategy guide, a highly detailed Adsense guide (which would really help me in my current projects), a secret way of building Reddit backlinks for long term and most importantly a list of the best SEO vendors he uses for maintaining his affiliate sites as well.

Not to forget the LIVE case studies of Charles' own websites (making $2000-$10000 monthly) which can allow you to record, test and track your own results based on how he did it and scaled it gradually.

I am just a beginner but I am ready to work hard and act now since I have the best resources to be put in practice. You certainly don't need thousands of dollars of investment. It will just cost you a hundred dollars and some extra hours of work. It's quite easy, I would concentrate on working a little more and sleeping a little less. Thanks Charles again for this weapon!! 

For more information on this course, check out the sales page or signup now.