Make $200 Commission PER Sale

It took me a LONG time to create this course, and the full price is going to be staying at $499 indefinitely. I wanted to offer something to anyone who refers people to this course, and that “something” is a fat $200 payout every time you refer someone to this course. As well as additional bonuses for 10+ referrals.

Affiliate Program FAQ

As a lot of you will probably have questions around this, here’s a few questions answered.

How do I become an affiliate?

Email Charles direct ( me(at) ) with information about yourself, how you will promote it and the size of your platform – We also offer free course access to all accepted affiliates, so you can thoroughly review the course.

When do I get paid out?

The 15th of every month, with a 30 day refund holding period between when the buyer purchases and when we payout. Purely as a factor to stop fraudulent purchases.

How do I get paid out?

We payout to all affiliates via PayPal.

Do you offer coupons?

Unfortunately not, the full price of the course will always be $499. We can however offer memberships as prizes through affiliates contests.

10+ Referral Awards

We offer a range of awards for those affiliates that manage to refer over 10 users to the course.

At 10 Referrals –

You get a $500 cash bonus.

At 25 Referrals –

You get a $1,000 cash bonus, on top of your $500.

At 50 Referrals –

You get a $300 commission instead of a $200 one.

Visit the sales page for more information about the course itself.